Guest Book for Angela Everest Redding

Provided by Ronnie L. Stewart Funeral Service

Posted by: Andy Thompson
Tue September 17, 2019
I have many great memories of Angela, Pete, Paul, Miss Dorothy and Mr. Scott, as well as of Ben and Russ, growing up next door to them on Durden Street in the 1960's and 70's. I remember the first time I met Pete and Paul the day they moved in next door when we were all still preschoolers, and I thought Angela was about the prettiest thing I had ever seen. The Scotts were the first people I knew who had color TV, and the many hours we all sat up past midnight watching the live Gemini and Apollo broadcasts, and the weekend fishing trips to Mr. Jerriel's farm at Ohoopee, with the Scott's dog King with orange fur that ate onions and radishes and would catch rattle snakes in his mouth, and later they had a Doberman named Duke that looked mean but would cry when you scratched his tummy. Mr. Scott drove a four door Thunderbird, Dorothy had a brown Buick coupe, and what was that dark green car Angela drove???  A Mercury, I think??? She always drove us to all the out-of-town games in it. There were many years of great adventures to follow, and I will always hold the memory of them dear to my heart. With Love and Prayers to Ben and Russ and all their loved ones, and special prayers for Angela.

Posted by: Sid Lane
Wed September 18, 2019
Angela was always kind to us as teens when we'd visit Ben on Durden.

Ben I wish there were words I could type to ease your pain but I know there aren't.  Just know that you are and always will be loved by your classmates & friends...


Posted by: Faye Rustin
Sat September 21, 2019
So sorry for your loss, I understand Angela has been sick for some time.  I went to grade school with her in Lyons years ago. I have not seen or heard from her I years.  She was a good friend and I am sure she continued her pleasant ways all her life. Please find peace in knowing that she is now at peace. Remember you will always, always have your memories,